Vote for Trump - Deport the Illegals (Social Experiment)

25 Sep 2019

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I don't think we realize that we are living in times that will forever go down in history. I don't think we realize exactly how racists the words "deport all illegal immigrants and their citizen children" are. And I don't think we realize how much our voices NEED to be heard and will make a difference. I went out in order to see who stood by Trump. And I knew in doing so I would receive boiling reactions. Not once did I expect however for the people to Unite and make their voices heard against mine as peacefully, and beautifully as they did. Not one word was spoken, but the message was loud and clear. Hate cannot drive out hate, and hate will definitely not make America Great! If America is to be Great again, it will be with all of its people. Thank you of watching, please subscribe and share.
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