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Using Old Gold For an Engagement Ring

25 Mar 2020

A client sent me some very sentimental gold (passed down from loved ones). I melted it down and cast a new custom engagement ring and wedding band.


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Video Description: Many people wonder if it's possible to use their own gold for a custom jewelry project. Many jewelry stores tell people that they will not use old gold for new rings. I have found that it is very much possible to use old gold for new rings as long as fresh alloy is mixed in with the casting. This ensures that the casting comes out clean and free of defects. A lot of people have gold that was passed down to them from family members. They are unsure of what to do with it. While it might be tempting to sell your gold to a gold buyer, you can rarely get much for it. That's why I always enjoy recycling gold in a new gold project. After I designed the wedding set in CAD, the wax models were 3D printed. I then took those wax models and sprued them up. The wax rings were then invested and and burned out in what is called the lost wax casting process. After the flask is heated up, the gold is melted down in the crucible and cast using a centrifuge. The rings are then cleaned up, the 2 carat moissanite is set in a 4 prong setting, and the rings are brought to a high polish. The project was very fun to do! Just know that it almost always possible to use old gold for new rings. It just needs to be done the right way.

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