USA Today Springboards Woody Harrelson's Interview into Reefer Madness...

13 Jan 2020

Marijuana Addiction and withdrawal... Apparently a major "problem" and USA Today wants you to know that after you put down that bong, you will be able to feel emotions again. But know this: It will take you a while to "adjust" to how the world actually is after you come down off of that hallucination. COME ON! I guess this is the new norm in so-called "Journalism." Meanwhile, there is so much coverage of Woody Harrelson's interview with Vulture that it seemed like he died or something. Or someone who was a more prominent figure in the Marijuana world (Cheech, Chong, Willie, Snoop). Woody has some street cred in the culture, no doubt, but come on. Here is the Documentary about the War on Cannabis, which is actually a pretty good historic record of all reefer madness, Narrated by Woody Himself:

GRASS (1999)
 Woody Harrelson, Harry J. Anslinger, George Bush

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