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This Long Vigil By Rhett C. Bruno

20 Jan 2020

From the USA Today best-selling author of The Circuit Saga comes this harrowing science fiction short story set in his Children of Titan Universe.

After 25 years serving as the lone human Monitor of the Interstellar Ark, Hermes, Orion is scheduled to be placed back in his hibernation chamber with the other members of the crew. Knowing that he will die there and be replaced before the ship's voyage is over, he decides that he won't accept that fate. Whatever it takes he will escape Hermes and see space again, even if it means defying the regulations of his only friend - the ship-wide artificial intelligence known as Dan.

If you found yourself curious about what happens to the Hermes Ark after it leaves Earth at the start of Rhett C Bruno's Titanborn, you won't want to miss this story!

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