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The INSANE Reason That Yahoo! Lost Everything

4 Views· 11/21/22
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The Story of Yahoo! - The rise and fall of Yahoo is a dramatic story, but what happened to Yahoo!? How did they fail to buy Google (twice), and what caused the death of Yahoo? In this MagnatesMedia documentary, we explain the story of Yahoo, right from the beginning, with Jerry and David's guide to the world web...

The decline of Yahoo... what happened?! Why did Yahoo become so popular when the internet first began, and then why did Yahoo's popularity fall so much? Sure, Yahoo still has services people use, like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail, but what went wrong?

In Act I, The Rise of Yahoo, we'll look at how Jerry and David created Yahoo from their college dorm room, and how they transformed it into a $128 billion empire (and one of the fastest growing businesses). In Act II, we'll look at Yahoo's missed opportunities to buy Facebook and Google, along with a series of catastrophic decisions that begun Yahoo's rapid decline. And finally, we'll consider Yahoo's business model, Yahoo's future, and what the next big internet empire could be.

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The INSANE Story of Yahoo!:

Yahoo could have been the most valuable company in the world.
It was once the most visited website on the internet.
They were worth $128 billion dollars.
And in the late 90’s, they had the chance to buy Google for just $1 million. Yahoo said no.
Welcome to the dramatic rise and fall of the original internet empire.

Whilst this video covers the full story of Yahoo, we also look at several mini-stories, like the time Mark Zuckerberg went to Yahoo's offices, because Yahoo was trying to acquire Facebook. The deal nearly happened, but at the last minute Yahoo! lowballed Facebook, and the deal collapsed. Just imagine if Yahoo! really had bought Facebook, Google & YouTube when they had the chance...

00:00 The Story of Yahoo: What Happened To Yahoo!?
00:28 Act I: The Rise of Yahoo!
04:57 Act II: The Fall of Yahoo!

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Created by John Frazer & Hahoany Assad.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial advisor or journalist. I may receive a commission on affiliate links used. All content used within the parameters of fair use. This video was sponsored by Masterworks. See important Masterworks disclosures: This is not financial advice.

This video (The Story of Yahoo - The Rise & Fall of Yahoo) is part of a series of mini-movies telling the stories of big businesses. In episode 1 we cover the story of WhatsApp (and how WhatsApp make money), and in episode 2 we cover the story of TikTok (and Bytedance's plans for world domination). If you want more business stories, documentaries & mini-movies, please consider subscribing to MagnatesMedia and checking out our other videos.



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