The Drone view of this fort is STUNNING! Karnataka Tourism (2020)

08 Jan 2020

The history of India is always deemed incomplete without the legends of the forts and palaces. It is next to impossible for everyone to think of India's past without getting in touch with the beautiful tales of its royal residences and war monuments. Think of a place and it seems to shout out its proud history - few through palaces, some through forts and several through their ruins. One such place is situated in the Hassan district of Karnataka, which is considered to be one of the few forts built on the pattern of military architecture.
Built under the command of Tipu Sultan, Manjarabad Fort is one of the finest pieces of military architecture. This fort was designed by Sebastien Le Prestre, a French architect who is known to be one of the pioneers of modern architecture of forts and has immensely contributed to the military fortification. The fort was developed as result of an ongoing war between Tipu Sultan and the British Army. Due to his good relationship with the French, who was helping Tipu Sultan fight against the British, Tipu Sultan was successful in taking help from French engineers in order to build a unique fort which could not be breached easily. Consequently, the fort was completed in 1792. Since then, it has been standing strong and certainly narrates its legends of survival and existence. So, how about paying a visit to this unique fort of Karnataka?
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