Super Sleeper 1,000 HP Daily Driver Jeep Grand Cherokee - One Take

15 Feb 2020

The BRIO BEARDSCAPE is the best, last buzzer you will ever need!

For Hennessey, too much of everything is exactly the right amount, so why not take the already obscene Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, the quickest production SUV around, and make it frighteningly quicker. With 0-60 times in the mid-two's, quarter miles in the *low* ten second range, and virtually no sacrifice in civility aside from sound, it's a strong bargain. And with this demonstrator running on stock wheels, at stock ride height, and totally de-badged, the kit qualifies for Ultimate Sleeper Status.

Hennessey Performance Engineering provided the vehicle, insurance, and a tank of gas for this review. The gas didn't last long.

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