Pee Dee River Rapids at Highway 34

18 Jan 2020

This video is a shout-out to my Youtube friend "PowerCatSquirrel" who I met at these rapids about 4 years ago.
Drone video of the rapids at low water level of 3.89ft and 2,200 CFS.

Detailed info:

This set of rapids is an anomaly, in that they are located in the coastal plain, instead of at or above the fall line. It is another 45 miles to the fall line from here.

The lower section is a rock ledge, formed by cementation of gravel and sediment, resembling rough aggregate asphalt. At higher flows above 7 ft, these rapids are underwater and pose no hazard or restriction to navigation. But at lower flows these rapids are exposed, and because of old pilings from a trestle, there is a very high risk of broaching and capsizing when navigating downstream. These rapids are dangerous, and a few people have lost their lives in them.

This is about 120 miles upstream of Winyah Bay, and about 70 miles downstream of Blewett Falls dam.

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