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NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender Demo

13 Jan 2020

How does the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series blender handle blending green smoothies? Watch the video to find out.

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We are going to use my signature recipe which is called, Beginner's Luck click here for video

The NutriBullet Pro 900 Series comes with a 32-ounce plastic, BPA free container and the blade is actually attached to it and you just twist it off when you're done blending and ready to drink it. You can swap it with a lid too, that it comes with. And it comes with a lot of accessories as well.

It also has a 900-watt motor, so there is some power in this mighty little thing right here. It comes with a one year warranty, and it retails for around $89, give or take a little bit, just depends on the time of year and the sales that are going on. But what's most important, can the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series blend a green smoothie? Let's see.

We're going to get it out, twist off the lid. When using a blender that's an inverted blender, where it's upside down like this, where you take off the blender blade, we're going to reverse the order of putting ingredients in it. We're going to start with our frozen fruit, which is going to be half a cup of frozen mango. Half a cup of pineapple. Then we're going to add one banana. Banana is the reason why green smoothies turn out so creamy. If you can't stand bananas, feel free to swap it for an avocado. I would use about a quarter to half of an avocado. Or, just leave it out altogether. It's still going to taste good, but I like banana, so it's going in.

Then we're going to do one cup of baby spinach. To measure one cup of spinach, all we do is grab a handful, that's about a cup. This doesn't have to be totally accurate, just you want to get in some green. We've got all of our ingredients except the water, we're going to pour that in last. One cup of water.

I'm going to screw on the lid. With blenders like this, where you're putting the blade onto it, you need to make sure it's super tight because you do not want it to leak. Okay, that's good. Flip it over, and now you can see, it's the leafy greens and then the frozen fruit next. That's why we put it backwards when we're filling it because it actually turns out normal when you're blending it and this will help get rid of the most leafy chunks, and that's what we're trying to do here.

To turn it on, I believe I push and twist. There's no setting, there's no speeds, it's one choice, that's all you get. But it's up to you to turn it off. Really what you can control is the amount of time you're blending for. Let's see when it's ready.

All right, I stopped the blending when I didn't see any more leafy chunks. That's when you know your smoothie's ready using the NutriBullet. Now I put the lid on so tight, not so easy to get it off. But, it did not leak which is a great thing to note. Okay, and then we're going to pour it in here to see how it turned out. And that is pretty smooth. Very few chunks, very few. It's a delicious looking smoothie. And it tastes terrific.

All right, so there you have it. That was the NutriBullet 900 Pro Series which is a pretty small blender. It's great to take on the go or if you have an apartment or small space and you're single or even just two people. It blends two serving smoothies in it.

I guess some of the pros are it's compact, it is high powered, it got rid of all the leafy chunks, so those are important things. The things that probably aren't as exciting is you don't have as many features so you can't control the speed, you can't pulse it. Really it's just all or nothing how this works. But, that made a great green smoothie. I'm impressed with it, and it retails for $89 right now, for that much, to have a great blender that small, you can't really beat it.

I hope this is helpful. If you did enjoy it and you are interested in getting the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series, now that you've seen it in action, I am going to give one away. This is not sponsored by NutriBullet. This is something that SGS, my whole team and I wanted to do for you guys just to give someone a blender. If this video spoke to you and you're like, this is the blender for me. This is the one I've been waiting for, leave a comment below and just let us know why you want this blender and also what features on it that really stood out to you, that will help us pick a winner, and we will announce it next week. If you're the lucky rawkstar, we will reply to you through the comments and let you know you won.

I hope you have an awesome day and enjoy this video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, like, comment below. All right, bye.

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