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Nobody's Angel: Hard Case Crime, Book 65 By Jack Clark

31 Dec 2019

Chicago cabbie Eddie Miles isn’t looking for trouble. He’s just trying to get through another tough night in a dangerous city. When he stumbles on a teenage prostitute left for dead, he finds himself unable to turn away.

"Nobody's Angel doesn't contain a wasted word or a false note...its real beauty lies in Eddie's bittersweet existence and the special romance and danger of the cabdriver's life.” (Washington Post)

“The cynical, melancholy cabbie point of view is perfect for this kind of neon-lit, noir-tinged, saxophone-scored prose poem, and Clark hits all the right notes.” (Booklist)

“Nobody’s Angel is a powerhouse of a book, a genuine work of noir and one of the best books of the year.... Clark does something truly remarkable in a mystery novel here. Much like in the great HBO series The Wire, Clark chronicles the collapse of America’s industrial base and its impact upon both our cities and the intractable problem of race in America through the story of an ordinary man.... This is an incredible book that you will not soon forget.” (

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