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Need for Speed Unbound makes racing COOL again

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I'm diving into why I think Need for Speed: Unbound will be an absolute banger by breaking down what made NFS Underground 1 and Underground 2 the greatest street racing games of all time.

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0:00 racing games in the 2000s
0:23 intro
0:39 the need for speed golden era
1:26 what made underground great
2:21 what unbound looks to capture
2:52 unbound dev team
3:52 unbound is our new underground
4:09 initial d & fast and the furious
4:44 things I'm excited for
5:15 anime driver customization
5:22 driving effects: tags and samples
5:47 my worries
6:20 unbound 2
6:47 nfs unbound news
6:58 driving lessons

🎥 TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2Y8XCe7F9E


🎬 Underground footage brought to you by these GOATS:

🏎️ @The Racer Boy 35

🚗 @EmperorGaming

🚓 @extern extern

🚙 @Trevin Crevite

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