13 Feb 2020

hey guys!

omg this is the saddest video ever! in this video i moved into my college dorm as a freshman, and i vlogged it! honestly, this video is a big mess because it was so overwhelming and so much to go through. like it seems like the video is kind of choppy because i was trying to enjoy my last few days of summer, and at the same time pack all my stuff while filming and editing on top of that! so sorry this took so long to get up on my channel! i also wanted to say that I WILL BE COMING HOME! if you are not a fan of my back to school videos (i’ve been uploading a lot recently) don’t worry, i don’t have many left to film, i’ll be going home this weekend to see my boyfriend and friends, as well as film a few videos! i can’t believe how fast high school went by! i’m a freshman again!

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