[MapleStory 2] Hard Zakum (Berserker PoV)

12 Jan 2020

Juniper Team 1 NAW First Clear of Hard Zakum https://i.imgur.com/2DhSG2A.png
Decided to show comms and what we did pre-reset in order to get first clear Zakum right at reset.
I played really safe and ran around a lot doing nothing because I didn't get as much practice in and didn't know the fight as much as some of my teammates.
We got a fast enough time for S rank but people didn't get it except for 2 people since you can't die.
If you're learning this raid make sure to communicate as much as possible in order to minimize the amount of damage taken and deaths.
Shoutout to Rhy for working on the strat and everyone else in this video for making this clear possible.
Also feels real bad when I can't pad on elemental arms and see my dps at the end of the raid pepehands

buffsin 15/15 Asc sin
Callen 15/15 Asc sin
Soycakes 14 Asc wiz
Rhy 15 Asc knight
Frn 14 Asc zerker
Say 15 Asc archer
Debby 13 Asc sb
Rajinto 14/13 Asc thief
lulu 14 Asc priest
MlDNlGHT 15 epic runeblade

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