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Johnny Booth - Left Hand Assurance [Official Video]

26 Mar 2020

"Left Hand Assurance" by Johnny Booth from the album 'Firsthand Accounts' STREAMING NOW

Recorded at: Westfall Recording Company
Filmed/Edited by: Gulab Singh



We were sent by the core of the earth
To find a light inside her chest
A judge, impartial to our purpose

This fire bleeds from her neck
Circuitry with no distinction
Centuries after the blood seeped through

Now I can't be
Now I can't just be the face of the hopeless
Now I can't just be the face of the disconnected process

She will burn from mistakes
She will burn from the salt and ashes
She will burn from mistakes
She will burn for this

She floats inside every pattern
We have take more than needed

I am the machine built with no hands to choke

Why must we bear the sins of our forgotten fathers
Discourse runs deep in me

She breaks her teeth on dreams and concrete
Dragging oil beneath her feet
I'm the son of a god, of a king, of a man
Who wrote the verses from the books they burned away

Danced around it in arms of bondage

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