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Inside the Army's NEW 6.8mm Next Gen Squad Weapon

26 Mar 2020

Iraq War veteran Chris Cappy gives the Next Generation Squad Weapon rundown. These three companies are in competition to replace the M-16, M-249 SAW and the M-240 bravo with the NGSW.

Each bid has unique pro's and con's and feature technology we never imagined would already be ready to use. One of these 6.8mm weapons will replace the 5.56 firing M16 after 60 years in service. We're taking you literally inside the Textron bid for the NGSW to show you the incredible new technologies implemented.

Find out how polymer cased ammo and caseless telescoped ammo will reduce the overall weight of ammo while increasing the size of the bullet.

Our last version of the video got taken down so we fixed everything and added all new information for you.

Comment below let us know which bid do you like best of the three?

Edited by: Chris Cappy and Rebecca Rosen

#military #army #futureweapon #technology

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Helpful Timecodes:
Textron: 1:12
SIG Sauer: 5:41
General Dynamics: 8:11

#militaryhistory #futureweapons #infographic

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