How to do a Shoulder Press: Shoulder Press for Beginners

20 Oct 2019

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If you're just beginning to use dumbbells and want to mix in a great exercise to work your shoulders, the shoulder press is a great way to start. This video will show you how to do a proper shoulder press while sitting or standing.

Since your shoulders have such a wide range of motion, they can be even more susceptible to injury. Because of this it is super important to make sure your shoulder is strong and that you are strengthening your shoulder with the correct form.

When you choose the weight for your shoulder press reps you will want to choose a weight that is challenging, but still allows you to maintain proper form through all of your reps.

Whether you're doing your shoulder presses while sitting or standing, do about 10-15 reps of each exercise at a weight that is challenging during the last couple reps but still allows you to keep correct form. Also, make sure you aren't going too fast with your reps, which can lead to injury and decrease the benefit you get from the exercise. Slow and steady is key!

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