How To Better Manage Stress In Your Life - 6 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Constant Stress

18 Oct 2019

You can't control every part of life, but you can manage your stress...
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** How To Better Manage Stress In Your Life - 6 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Constant Stress **

When you really think about it, one of the biggest reasons stress is such a pain point for so many of us is that it often feels like we can't control it. Because stress comes from things in our life, and no matter how hard we try, we can't control every little thing that happens.

But, we can control and manage how we deal with these things, how we react to them, and how they affect us. So we do have some power over our levels of stress. And this is what I wanted to talk to you about in this quick video. These 6 stress management tips are simple, practical and can be worked into your daily routine to arm yourself against the wares of stress.

Now, I'm not claiming to have all the answers here, but I can confidently say that these 6 strategies for managing stress I'm going to share with you have certainly helped me control my levels of stress. And I hope that they help you manage your stress as well...let's dive on in!

#1 Are you a good sleeper? (0:30)

This one's a killer for a lot of us. Because on the one hand, sleep is the best way we can recharge and relax our body and mind. But, if we're stressed out, getting some shut-eye can sometimes seem impossible.

Here are some simple things you can do before bed to get better sleep:
1) Use a Gratitude Journal (Don't knock it till you try it)
2) Write down your plans and goals for tomorrow

#2 Drinking Herbal Tea (2:09)

A lot of us underestimate the calming power of a good herbal tea, especially around night time. But really, there are some very effective varieties of herbal teas out there that are great for relaxation and help you wind down. So something as simple as drinking a nice hot cup of tea each night could help lower those stress levels a little.

#3 Healthy Eating (2:30)

There are a few factors that come into play here in terms of a healthy diet and lowering stress. Not enough quality energy throughout the day to get things done, blood sugar levels going haywire, etc. So to really get a handle on managing stress in your life, a healthy diet cannot be overlooked.

#4 Meditation (3:12)

Whether you use a helpful meditation app on your phone or completely unplug for a few minutes and have some quiet time doing nothing, meditation can really help slow everything down, control some of those stressful thoughts and really get you centered.

#5 Yoga & Stretching (4:25)

If your body is tight, your mind is going to be tight as well. So if you can spend a few minutes each day doing some stretches or even a simple yoga routine, you can help alleviate some stress along with some aches and pains you might be having.

#6 Doing Some Hard Exercise (5:33)

Ever heard of a runner's high? That feeling you get after doing some rigorous exercise, your body feels light, and your mind is actually quiet. Hard exercise is one of the MOST effective ways to manage stress. Particularly if you make a routine out of it.

Looking for some quick & effective stress killing workout routines?

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