How Is AT&T Even Still Alive?

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AT&T is one of the most legacy companies in the world having been founded all the way back in the 1800s by Alexander Graham Bell. For much of their history, they’ve been an unstoppable force with a strong monopoly across the telecommunications industry. And while they aren’t as powerful as they once used to be, they’re still a dominant force that’s arguably undisruptable. The main reason for this is that AT&T falls in a really weird business category that’s worth owning if you already have it, but not worth building from scratch. This is because the cost of building nationwide infrastructure is extraordinarily expensive and long-term profit margins and growth values are simply not worth all this pain and hassle. Even giants like Google have tried to break into the broadband internet and wireless markets, but their efforts haven’t really gotten them anywhere thus far. This video explains the story of how AT&T became so dominant and why no one is able to displace them despite their declining fundamentals.

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0:00 - That State Of AT&T
2:39 - The Rise Of AT&T
5:56 - An Unstoppable Force
9:11 - Extending The Monopoly
12:23 - The Future Of AT&T


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