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How Chicken Tenders Made Him A Millionaire 🍗

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How is it that a restaurant that only does chicken strips has been rapidly expanding all over the United States and even into the Middle East? (Raising Cane's) And how did the person who came up with this multi-million dollar business get started when he had no money, and no funding? (Todd Graves) Well, it involves risking his life in Alaska to catch salmon, and trying to prove his business professor wrong who told him the business idea would never work. This is the crazy underdog business success story of Raising Cane’s fast food company, and how the entrepreneurial CEO of Raising Cane’s made so much money from selling chicken fingers (despite competitors who already had the same product, and lots more funding). Well, it all begins with a guy named Todd Graves and a dream of opening his own restaurant, and a business class at university where Todd’s business professor told him his business plan would never work. In fact, the banks said the same thing - Todd couldn’t get credit / investments / venture capital to fund his business enterprise, so he realized he’d have to earn the money himself…

00:00 Raising Cane's Intro
00:34 The Beginning
02:58 Funding
05:21 The First Raising Cane's
07:48 The Business of Raising Cane's
11:41 Legal Trouble
13:34 The Biggest Challenge

The Chicken Tenders Millionaire: An Inspiring True Story
How a broke guy made millions from chicken tenders
The King of The Chicken Fingers
The Chicken Finger King
The Chicken Finger KING: A Ridiculous True Story

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