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Hail to the King - The Prevailer (Feat. Saud Ahmed of The Holy Guile) (Album Stream)

16 Feb 2020

We are now known as DENIHILIST and we have made a new YouTube channel (DenihilistTV) so to see more recent updates we will be uploading all new material to the new channel. Please come and Subscribe to the new channel. Purchase EP/merch: Buy the Album on iTunes here:

Track listing:
1. Sabretooth
2. Lunar Affliction
3. Mana Leak
4. Feast In Famine
5. Go For The Throat
6. The Prevailer
7. Contagion Clasp
8. Mako Eyes
9. Starletta
10. Paper Street
11. Gutshot
12. Dynasties

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