Father Of Two With No Arms Or Legs | BORN DIFFERENT

13 Feb 2020

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THIS INSPIRATIONAL father is proving that life really has no limits – despite missing parts of both his arms AND legs. Ryan Hudson-Peralta was born with Congenital Limb Deficiency, a rare condition that gave him severely shortened legs and arms without hands. The now 3ft 6”, 40-year-old describes himself as a loving father, husband, motivational speaker and positive mentor to others – and he has definitely been living up to his word. Ryan still manages to drive a car by himself, make his way up and down the stairs, use his mobile phone AND conduct his full time job of being a successful user-interface designer at Rocket Mortgage in Detroit, MI. Residing in Michigan, Ryan even takes it upon himself to visit and help other families across the States who have children living with similar conditions.

Follow Ryan here: https://www.instagram.com/lookmomnohands/

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Istvan Lettang
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Beth Angus

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