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EP16 - Brutally Accountable

24 Jan 2020

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tzu

In a day in age where we are surrounded by constant noise and an overload of negative messaging, combined with work schedules, social schedules, kids schedules… what does it mean to know yourself? And more importantly, why bother?

Sun Tzu’s wisdom extends far beyond war… it is the foundation of true knowledge, personal contentment and the keys to living free.

Realizing SunTzu's quote:
1. Prayer and meditation daily
2. Build on Faith and a relationship with God
3. Seek the passions and the gifts you have been given
4. Focus on being part of Gods plan not a plan you designed
5. Let your gifts, talents and relationship God allow you to live to your full potential
6. Each step leads us to living free and unified with our mind, body and soul.

Bards Of War Podcast explores politics, culture, economics and human nature by building context through story and narrative. The episodes are presented by Scott Kesterson, documentary filmmaker, writer and researcher.


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