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Defeatist - Mother (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

18 Feb 2020


Artist: Defeatist
Song: Mother
Album: Single (2020)
Hometown: Cardiff, United Kingdom


I felt when you said,
You don't want me that way.

Heard the news and you went away,
Disappeared to a foreign land,
Birthdays have come and gone,
I’m still around.

Do you see me in you?
There's more of me for you to know,
Fractured pieces across the globe,
I’m far from whole.

Does the cloud linger too?
Creeping doubts set in your mind,
Did I do that to you?
I wish I was fine.

I'd talk to my mother but I'm not that strong,
I'd miss my father If I knew him at all.

You’re the blood in me,
Born of jealousy.
You’re the blood in me,
Now you’re dead to me.

I cherish my mother she’s so strong.
I have no father,
I don’t know you at all.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by
Timothy Vincent at Woodcroft Audio

Video by
Theodore Swaddling Media

Artwork by
Theodore Swaddling Media

Management & Bookings
Jonathan | Elicit Music
[email protected]

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