Abandoned Bayley Seton Hospital | Aerial Film

01 Feb 2020

Enjoy this short film I created which highlights the #architecture of the abandoned Bayley Seton Hospital located in Staten Island, New York!

Song: Into Ever (Chilltrap Original) - Merevale

This was made possible using the DJI Mavic Air.

Relevant articles:
“The current Bayley Seton campus was constructed around the Marine Hospital Service buildings at the site. On October 1, 1831, Staten Island's first hospital, the Seaman's Retreat, was opened here, to serve retired naval and commercial sailors.”


“A creepy vista down one hallway on the first floor. A lone fire extinguisher on the ground, and a pair of doors at the end of the hall with openings that look like eyes.”
-Tom Wrobleski


“The grounds of BSH house Staten Island’s first hospital, an historic colonnaded structure built in the 1830s to serve ailing retired naval and merchant sailors, appropriately named “the Seamen’s Retreat.”
-Untapped Cities


“The austere, three-story edifice is the only abandoned structure within the active section of Bayley Seton, situated on the northeast corner of the grounds behind the main building.”
-Will Ellis


“While Staten’s Bayley Seton Hospital is still up and running, eight of the twelve buildings located on the 20-acre Stapleton campus have been abandoned—so it’s hella creepy here.”
-Ameena Walker


“8 of the 12 original buildings have been completely abandoned since the complex opened in the 1830s.”
-Beth @ Only In Your State


Some great photos here:

Message me if you'd like to see some aerial views of an abandoned place you know of!

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