About us

Lets Replaye, back to the basics...

It's 2019, the one and only dominant video sharing platform has been steadily moving toward corporate wants & needs and away from the creators that helped it rise to the top.

1000's of creators have had their content demonetized or outright censored. Our goal is to provide an alternative platform. Replaye is built by creators, for creators.

Replaye is where your interests connect you with your people.

Replaye puts the "YOU" back into the "TUBE"

Express yourself.

We believe in open & free speech. If you believe vacinating your kids is wrong, or that the earth is flat, you have the freedom to express that opinion. Weather it's correct or incorrect is not up to us to decide.

The community will decide if they wish to subscribe and engage with your content or not.

Be yourself.

Here at Replaye we understand people have different opinions on topics & on the world as a whole. You are free to express your opinion without the fear of censorship.

Connect with your people.

Remember the good old days when you subscribed to a channel, you stayed subscribed to it. The days when you had a subscribtion feed that showed videos/channels you subscribed to? When having a "Bell" was not necessarry?

Build your audience organically on Replaye. Subscribe to your favorite creators and enjoy the content you love.

It’s a whole big world in here.

Come on in.